Calendly events for Slack

Direct Calendly integration for Slack*. Receive event notifications directly in your workspace with no need for unnecessary third-party services.

*Works only with Calendly Premium and Pro accounts

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Type /duck connect, followed by your Calendly authentication token to authenticate your Slack profile with Calendly

Image on how to connect from Slack to calendly
Animated on how to connect from Slack


Receive notifications privately or share events with your team in a public channel!

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That's it!

Sit down, relax and let us do the magic. Event invites and cancellations will now be sent directly to you by Calenduck

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Type /duck help for a comprehensive list of useful tips or feel free to drop us a message

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Simple, transparent pricing

Calenduck starts with a 14 day trial, no credit card required.
After that, you'll be asked to upgrade to continue receiving event notifications.

up to 8 users
up to 20 users
more than 20 users

Need a custom plan? Want an extra feature?
Get in touch or give us a shout on twitter @calenduckapp

Receive event notifications directly in your workspace.
No need for extra integrations.

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