Calendly notifications in Slack

Receive event notifications directly in your workspace*.
No need for unnecessary and complicated third-party services.

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*For Calendly Premium and Pro accounts

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Get started

Type /duck to start. Follow the instructions to authenticate your Premium or Pro Calendly account to Slack

Image on how to connect from Slack to calendly

Filter incoming events

Sift through your Calendly events and select which ones you want Calenduck to notify you or your team about!

Image on how to choose which Calendly events to be notified of

Customize your notifications

Calenduck sends notifications to you but you can refine your workflow by selecting a specific destination for scheduled or cancelled event.

Animated Image of how to choose destination for notificatoins in Slack from Calendly


Type /duck help for a comprehensive list of useful tips or feel free to drop us a message

Image on how to receive helpful tips from Calenduck

Receive event notifications directly in your workspace.
No need for extra integrations.

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